Friday, January 21, 2011

Future Luxe in London

The first day of the Future Luxe conference 2011 organised by Luxury Briefing got off yesterday to a fantastic start, (20th January), with the resounding pop of (many) champagne corks and with about 250 triple G's, (glamorous, gorgeous, guests). Great speakers and great dinner in the Dorchester.

The conference speakers were diverse and had much to say. Of particular note were Matt Webb from Berg, Gerry McGovern Design Director of Land Rover (check out the upcoming 'Evoke'),and, for me, the final panel of the day with Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of Swarovski; Marigay McKee, Fashion Director of Harrods; and Ellie Patsalos, Vice-Chairman & Partner, Deloitte. This panel was chaired by Kate Reardon, formerly Contributing Editor of Vanity Fair and recently appointed as Editor of the Tatler.

It is clear that luxury brands are here to stay with issues of relevance, extreme customisation and experience design top of the agenda. Not too many fears of recessionary pressures apparent. Marigay McKee made a plea for more 'good old fashioned charm and manners' which seemed to particularly resonate with delegates. Gerry McGovern stated that design lies at the core of the product and the brand at Land Rover and it is that which will give them access to new customers and create differentiation. Sustainability did feature even at this level of the market with sustainability credentials being increasingly seen as a compelling and important part of the brand story.

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