Saturday, March 3, 2012

National Design Centre for France

Eric BESSON announces the launch of a design action plan and the creation of a National Design Centre.

This news sent to me yesterday by Moira Moreira of APCI following the announcement by the French Economy Minister at the closing day of the APCI conference back on 9th January.

Quoting from the information provided,

"The creation of a National Design Centre, much like its English, Danish or Korean equivalents, would make for a lever leading to exemplary design policies as well as a French design promotion tool.

Created from the APCI in liaison with all design players, it will aim to assert the strategic role of design in the economy, improve the competitiveness of French companies thanks to the introduction of design in their strategy and enable design professions to develop.

The Ministry of Industry will support this project’s launch with 1 million euros worth of funding."

Congratulations to Anne Marie Boutin and the whole team at APCI on making this important step happen for the integration of design strategy at the national level for France.

This is is good news for design in Europe.

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