Wednesday, February 8, 2012

International Design Alliance Montreal

I had the privilege at the end of January to facilitate a strategy thinking workshop with the three Executive Boards of the world design organisations Icograda, IFI and Icsid. We spent a half-day in Montreal thinking together and working through key strategies for the future regarding the ongoing development of the IDA Congress.

The next Congress is to be held in Istanbul in 2013 and looking beyond that to the years to come, there are many areas where innovation and development can occur in ways that would not be possible if the organisations were not working together. It was very exciting to hear the flow of ideas emerging over the day from across the three discipline domains.

It is because of this multi-disciplinary working in building an expanded view of design in today's world - without losing relevance to the individual disciplines - that I believe the potential of the IDA Congress is significant. Following on from the first IDA Congress in Taipei in October - Design at the Edges - the three organisations, their Executive Boards and their Secretariats are exploring exciting and innovative ways of continuing the on-going development of the IDA Congress as a positioning and influencing force for good for design in business, industry and society.

It was great to have the chance to work with the lead organisation IFI and their President Shashi Caan to shape and deliver a valuable experience for the IDA team.

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