Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic design achievement

The lighting of the Olympic cauldron last night was an extremely moving and poignant moment, even when viewing it (and photographing it) on my computer screen.

Thomas Heatherwick's idea is beautiful. It brings together a sustainable energy source, technological sophistication and the physicality of wonderfully crafted metals to deliver elemental fire.

All of this ingenuity, skill and direction was brought together in one short, operatic moment of light, movement, music, sound and fire. (Listen again to the soprano singing very beautifully). Thomas and his team delivered a poignant symbol, particularly for all of us who live without strife at this time, of nations coming together in peace.

The whole ceremony has been an uplifting reminder of how superb performance and direction, can move us far beyond celebrity and entertainment, (despite commentators' wretched urge to speak descriptive inanities as soon as there is a silence or a meaningful moment that would by far be best left to speak for itself).

Congratulations to British designer Thomas Heatherwick and his team for that particular moment of inspiration among many.

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