Friday, October 29, 2010

Down memory lane

I visited the V&A last weekend and went to see the new ceramics gallery. I did this as I wanted to see the graphics created by Cartlidge Levene and I was not disappointed. The work is very clean, very understated and very integrated across the galleries.

In one of the showcases I was amazed to see this 1970's ceramic tea service. It was introduced to the market when I was still at College. I had not seen it for many, many years and when I saw it, it was like meeting an old friend. It might be hard to believe now, but way back then as a young student, it's lines inspired me to design and make a sterling silver tea service - a tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug. I will try to find a photograph of it.

Thanks now to Martin Hunt of Queensbury Hunt for inspiration then.


  1. I can well remember this set too!. I also recall how inspiring QH were to me, when I was at Central School of Art in1985-88, particularly because I trained in ceramics before becoming an industrial designer and was wowed by their skills in large forms, particularly their foam models of bath suites for idea standard.

    regards Richard Arnott

  2. We had that set in Hong Kong. Goodness - quite a flashback. Thanks :)