Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Parable of the Lasagne

Design in Business Seminar, Belfast

A good event on Tuesday 12 October in Invest Northern Ireland’s ongoing, ‘Design in Business’ Series.

Tim Brundle, Director of Innovation at the University for Ulster, welcomed over 200 delegates to the Stormont House Hotel. Speaking about design and Apple and the power of competitors to sweep rivals away with disruptive innovation, (who owns a British made TV?), Tim welcomed delegates on behalf of Invest Northern Ireland, (of which he is a Board Member).

Richard Seymour then presented a 50 minute keynote on the importance of emergent behaviour, planning for discontinuity and the parable of the lasagne bolstered with shots of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic test which Seymourpowell have worked on extensively. 42 people, 146 million $ and 100% belief. As for the parable of the lasagne, it is better for you to hear Richard telling the story sometime somewhere. It's good.

The seminar concluded with the four design workshops – brand, product design, digital design and design strategy.

A very successful event all round. And it was great to be home in Northern Ireland just as the trees are turning to Autumn.

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