Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lunch with the British Ambassador to Latvia

Through the auspices of the British Council I was invited to lunch with the British Ambassador to Latvia, HMA Andrew Soper at the British Embassy on Wednesday of last week. Other guests included Dace Melbārde, Country Manager of British Council Latvia, Dr. Diana Pauna, Pro-Rector of Stockholm School of Economics, Maija Ūdre, British Council Latvia Marketing and Communications Manager, Gatis Mūrnieks, winner of the British Council International Young Creative Communication Enterpreneur Award, Santa Plivča, of the UKTI in Latvia, Gunta Sloga, Director of the Media Programme of the Soros Foundation-Latvia, Miks Petersons, designer, organiser of the annual design conference in Latvia and project manager of the Latvian Designers Association and Marta Jaksona, Communications Manager/Political Officer of the British Embassy in Riga.

Over a three-course lunch we discussed the needs of creative companies with a focus on design, particularly small companies. The needs of Latvian companies were also raised and we explored opportunities that could exist in Latvia for British design companies. Latvia, as a part of the Baltics, could be a gateway to business not only in the Baltics, but also further afield into Eastern Europe.

Lunch was concluded with a handshake with the Ambassador.

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